How I crafted my most successful email template:

The cold email had been the bane of my existence for a good year before I tried one template that changed my thinking entirely.

My biggest mistake before was trying to sound and look like a company rather than a person. My old templates were heavy with over the top sales-y language, graphics, and far too much information for anyone to read in one email (especially one they didn’t ask for). One day, I remember sending an email to an influencer to ask her to do a collaboration for one of my clients. I was so tired, I couldn’t think of putting together a long email, so I sent a very short, direct, and personal 5 lines and called it a day.

To my surprise: responses from her whole team about collaborating. Then I thought, why can’t I just treat all leads like this and see what happens?

The next day we tried a similar template with 700 leads. The result? Over 70% open rate and almost 40% CTR. We have a ton of brand new trade partners excited about using our product.

I’ve identified a few key elements that lead to results like that and I now apply them to many of the campaigns I send out. Check them out below:


1. I wrote used subject line I would get from a friend:

I used to think explaining as much as I possibly could would guarantee someone would be interested. But when I went through my own inbox, I was never compelled to open emails like that. Instead, I looked at some of the subject lines close friends and  business colleagues used. I realized if it had a vague yet personal subject line that sounded like it came from an individual, I opened it. I realized the more the email sounded like it was meant for me, the more interested I was.

So I tried out “Getting in touch with you” (something sent to me from a friend) and open rates skyrocketed. I’ve even used “Howdy from Texas!” when I was living in Dallas with comparable success.

2. I got straight to the point:

My old emails for influencers or leads were way too long. I thought they were informative. They were actually just boring and were likely deleted by the first couple of sentences. Your reader doesn’t know you and doesn’t have more than a few seconds for you. My friends and colleagues never used two paragraph intros to tell me good news.

So, this time I gave a two sentence pitch right off the bat. And that’s it. I made it relative to them and moved on. I kept them reading:

"I wanted to reach out to you this week. I have something your clients will love."

3. I quantified our value:

One of the first things I realized I did when I looked at a new website for a product or service, etc. was scan for numbers. We love when things are quantified. It makes determining value easy. I realized I needed to make determining our value to leads beyond simple to establish credibility and keep interest right away.

I took it a step further:  I made it relative to their business, specifically. Next, I could present an offer specifically for them.

"Our last customer saved her client $3000 on a room rewire by using our Cordless lamps. I think these could be perfect for your projects as well."

4. I got them to make the next move: 

"I'd love to speak for a few minutes and tell you more about our trade program. When are you available?"

Immediately following the display of value, I closed it out by leaving the ball in their court. I left it as a direct question with some specifics.

Who doesn’t have time for a few minutes? It’s such a reasonable amount of time, it feels stupid to turn down. I also worded the question to sound like this call is already a done deal, skipping the “Would you be interested?” or “Do you have time?”. I jump right to the final action in the process, and all they have to respond with is that to get the ball rolling.

Bonus: Add a personal photo to your email signature. 

Even if they don't even read what you just said, a photo and a link at the bottom of anything will entice people to find the answer to the question "Who is that?". There's been so many times on sites or emails I've clicked a link just to get more information around the face thinking I might know them or want to. Simple and ridiculous, but like everything else with cold emails, somehow it works! 

You should see the difference between my early email templates and the ones I use now thanks to this little test template. I hope this helps you create some incredibly successful campaigns for your company!

I’m always available for further email marketing help! Thanks again for your support.